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After-Sales Service

Dear Customer: Hello!

Thank you for using the product. In order to protect your interests, please use the company's products before you carefully read this document!

After-Sales Service Terms

The company produced the motor, paddle, electric transfer are subject to a rigorous testing, qualified before leaving the factory, so in the non-product quality defects under the premise of our Secretary for the following circumstances do not carry out free maintenance, if necessary to return to factory maintenance or Replacement parts, we can provide paid services, please note:

1, beyond the warranty terms agreed by the following warranty period;

2, did not follow the instructions, the wrong installation of the product caused by failure or damage and then lead to damage to the coil line short circuit, resulting in motor and electric burned;

3, damage to damage caused by improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, modification or adjustment (except for shorter connection);

4, the use of non-product quality problems caused by the normal mechanical wear and loss;

5, damage caused by abnormal use, including but not limited to severe impact, squeeze, drop, liquid immersion, sharp object damage;

6, fall, crash and other accidents caused damage damage;

7, due to natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, typhoons, etc.) and irresistible external damage;

8, illegal use of the damage caused by damage; beyond the scope of the use of motor or the use of improper damage caused by damage;

9, more than the safety take-off weight in the case of take-off damage;

10, other non-product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused by failure and damage.

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